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March 10, 2014

Some Minor Updates

Hey guys, Janna here. We’ve been down for a little while, but now, we’re back on track!

Over the recent months, our focus was to give the site a new look. I’m pretty sure many of you had once scoffed at our webpage design. It was clunky, it was tacky, it had laggy chat. Basically, it was an antiquated artefact of Web 1.0.

Now, we’ve added new features. You could now create your own complete accounts and with your complete names, not just your own handle. We’ve also added a new featured article tab for you writers and contributors out there. We want your posts and we want the world to know you wrote it.

We’ve always wanted to include people in our team and I guess this is the best way to introduce them. This feature would be helpful in some way. However, we’re actually in need of editors. So if you want to apply, I suggest you head over to the contacts page.

As for our dating and match-making services, I would like to apologize early for our new monetization feature. This is because we want to improve our services for you. Keeping up a matchmaking service and maintaining all the information and database isn’t cheap. So we apologize once again.

But then again, our screening process will guarantee that each participant has the potential to be one of the possible best partners you might have. Online dating must always have ample security or else we fail in serving you.

So, what’s up with us? Well, in keeping up with the tradition of updating you with our own love lives, I NOW HAVE A BOYFRIEND!

Yes, his name is Jesse and I found him right here, on this website. Apparently, he was applying for a position in us then, things happened. I’ll share it in detail as soon as I get to make another post.

For Alfred, well, he’s still our crash test dummy for ideas and other perspectives. He’s still up for it, though he says he is on the verge of finding the woman of his dreams “whuut”.

Billy has toned down a bit he says. He said that he wants to stop his womanizing act and get straight with his life. I know you’re all interested with what happened to his date before. Well, aren’t you in for a surprise!

It’s never easy being the only girl on the team but it does provide the luxury of knowing more about guys and keeping this blog with a balanced perspective of men and women. After all, we’re a matchmaking service with some proper advisory and guidelines to match.

We all want you to have a swell time talking together and knowing more about each other. If you have stories to tell, you could always count on us to share your success and startling stories.

So, until then, we should talk again. This is Janna signing off for now. If you’d like to read more about the things I write, stay tuned in this blog.

I have a whole lot of things to share with you about my adventures with Jesse while we were renovating this website!